Concrete Products

We operate and control the quality of our concrete to the highest level, with routine calibration and yield testing of our machines right through to concrete cube testing.

Flowing Concrete

WrightFlow SC is a High-Performance flowing Concrete. Its self-consolidating properties allow it to be placed fully compacted without segregation and with no vibration.

Screed & Specialist Products

All of our screeds are produced using the highest of quality raw materials. Including ordinary Portland cement.

Foundations & Slabs

You can be assured of getting the best quality footing concretes. Our concrete is a flexible, durable and economical product.

Concrete Pump

Our concrete pumps can cover larger distances, and can navigate obstacles to access even the most hard-to-reach sites.

Concrete Calculator

You can use our calculator to get an estimation of the quantity of concrete you require.

Onsite ready mix concrete and screed

Wright Mix is the leading supplier of onsite ready mixed concrete and screed in the Leicestershire, Rutland and surrounding areas, providing you with a first class service operating from our site at Barkby Road.

With the capability of supplying projects requiring volumes from 1m3 to 100m3 from our volumetric mixers, we can cater for the small domestic user up to the large commercial projects. With our on-site machines deliveries could not be more simple. Remember we will only give you what you want, so you only pay for what you have!!

With our professional operators and large fleet, this allows us to offer every customer a flexible delivery time and multiple mix designs on the same delivery, leaving you with peace of mind and control.

Our services also include, technical advice, concrete pumping services and aggregate transport.